Nicholas Dirks

Nicholas DirksI want to thank everyone who participated in the National Conference on Campus Sexual Assault and Violence.

We were honored to convene this gathering of scholars, trainers, activists, survivors, elected officials, and university professionals. The conference was but one part of important, ongoing efforts to strengthen and improve the manner in which colleges and universities educate their communities about sexual assault; prevent its occurrence; respond to reports of misconduct; and care for the survivors. With your engaged participation, we broadened the conversation took meaningful steps in sharing best practices and innovative ideas for confronting sexual assault and violence.

This is, to be sure, a challenging task, and we are well aware that no single conference can take the place of what will need to be a sustained, comprehensive effort. Like so many of my colleagues, I have been deeply moved by the painful stories I have heard from survivors. I am convinced that together we can honor their courage and conviction by building a lasting culture of prevention, reporting, and accountability.

Nicholas B. Dirks
Chancellor, UC Berkeley